Why does this sports bar in Texas look like a convenience store?

With more than 30 food stores in the Galveston/Houston area, Motu Food Mart owner Atul Jain hopes to expand the brand with more locations, including one in Clear Lake.

And he plans to add more locations for a concept he has found success with through Motu’s Hangout, an entity in a former convenience store on Spencer Highway in La Porte that combines the sale of drunk driving with a sports bar. sat.

At this site, Jain had originally converted the car wash of an existing gas station into a kind of beer garden, offering craft beers and wine to take away.

At the end of 2021, he decided to renovate the entire property, transforming the interior of the gas station into a sports bar.

“This is the first of its kind (for the Pasadena/La Porte area),” he said.

There are already sports bars and drink shops with drive-thru, but not combined in one place, Jain said.

Another Motu Food Mart is being planned in Clear Lake near Ellington Airport. Jain has also started construction of a new roadhouse.

Motu’s Hangout features a full bar stocked with craft, draft and imported beers, wine and cocktails. It also offers a hookah lounge, live sports broadcasts and karaoke.

“I wanted to bring something different for the simple purpose of helping people spend meaningful time with each other,” Jain said. “The turnout was great.”

Motu’s also opens its space for community events, such as most recently, a family’s tribute to a loved one who passed away. The Deer Park and La Porte chambers of commerce have organized several events there.

For those curious about the name, Jain explained that Motu was a beloved dog, immortalized with a logo resembling the Motu Food Mart on Space Center and Crenshaw in Pasadena.

What: Motu’s Lair

Address: 8320 Spencer Highway, La Porte 77571

Website: https://bit.ly/3A7Oyeh

[email protected]

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