Vision 20 Reviews – Additional Ingredients That Work or Scam?

Vision 20 is a daily supplement that customers use to promote better eye health to maintain and heal damage. The formula is made with natural ingredients, although users will need to take the remedy daily to see results within the first two months.

What is Vision 20?

When vision begins to suffer, it is quite easy to see the changes. People who notice changes in their quality of vision will start to wonder if it’s safe to leave the house when the sun goes down, or they may be unable to see small expressions when talking to people. Their vision isn’t going away anytime soon, but the impairments they suffer from may impact quality of life in ways they never anticipated.

Like any other sense, the eyes need good nutrition to function properly, which is what Vision 20 aims to provide. Vision 20, commented in the Globe Newswire here, increases the number of antioxidants in the body, especially ROS toxins that accumulate when exposed to blue light. It helps users improve the clarity of their vision from far or near, but it also nourishes vision in low light conditions.

The purpose of this formula is to help users improve their confidence, allowing users to become more confident. Better vision health allows consumers to remain independent as they age, rather than having to rely on others for transportation or support. Independence is a huge quality of life factor, especially when so much changes as the body ages. Keeping the vision can make a significant difference for any individual. Creators understand that vision is more than a matter of seeing what is around them – it is also essential to the role individuals have created as mother, father, employee, etc.

How can Vision 20 help you?

The reason the Vision 20 formula is so useful is that it includes ingredients specifically intended to nourish the eyes and other factors that influence the user’s vision.

The ingredients of Vision 20 are:

  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • zinc citrate
  • Lycopene
  • Astaxanthin
  • blueberry powder
  • ginkgo biloba
  • Pycnogenol

Read below to learn more about the ways these ingredients promote better vision.


Lutein is the first carotenoid in the formula, which helps eliminate ROS toxins. ROS toxins are a type of oxygen that damage the cells in the lens of the eye, preventing them from moving properly. Without the protection and removal of toxins, the lens will slowly be unable to see the same far distances as before, especially in low light conditions. Eliminating them with lutein is a step in the right direction towards better vision.

When lutein reaches the toxins, they break down and improve the clarity of the user’s vision. Typically found in dandelions,


Like lutein, zeaxanthin is used to get rid of the buildup of ROS toxins. It also comes from dandelions and marigolds, and it’s combined with lutein in this formula to make LuteMax 2020, which is basically an extract of marigolds. With the ratio of these two ingredients, users can get all the nutritional support they need to improve their vision.

This nutrient offers amazing antioxidant capabilities, also scavenging other free radicals in the body. Only 2 mg of zeaxanthin is enough for the user to improve their complexion and protect them from sun damage.

zinc citrate

Zinc citrate is added to help the first two ingredients in LuteMax 2020 flourish. Zinc is important for immunity, but it also ensures that the body can safely absorb the nutrients in its ingredients. It also promotes better vision health, although most consumers typically get it from beef, nuts, and other foods.

Other benefits of using zinc citrate include reduced inflammation, better wound healing, and less acne.

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Lycopene is a natural compound in tomatoes and other red fruits that gives the product its bright color. People who regularly consume lycopene in their diet are much less likely to have vision problems in their lifetime.

According to studies, lycopene can reduce oxidative stress, which is exactly what ROS toxins cause. This antioxidant may promote better heart health and reduce some of the risk of cancer. The best source of lycopene is in its natural state, but the benefits can still be found in Vision 20.


Astaxanthin has an effect similar to that of lycopene. However, rather than giving fruits their red or pink color, it is the compound that gives shrimp and fish their pink hue. The use of astaxanthin improves the user’s eyesight, protecting cells from damage.

According to some research, it activates white blood cells in the blood, thus strengthening the immune system. It can improve skin tone while supporting joint and heart health.

blueberry powder

Bilberry powder comes from a fruit that is surprisingly similar to the blueberry. Originally, they were consumed during World War II by British Air Force pilots, helping to improve their vision when shooting down Nazis.

According to scientific studies, the use of blueberries reduces the DNA damage of the user and decreases the levels of ROS toxin. It also reduces inflammation, lowers high blood sugar, and promotes better heart health.

ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is frequently praised for how it can prevent and therapeutically treat age-related macular degeneration. It is rich in antioxidants and fights inflammation throughout the body. Some studies indicate that it supports vision and eye health, although it is also linked to support for Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, anxiety and erectile dysfunction.


Pycnogenol can support the heart and arteries. It reduces high blood pressure while promoting better blood circulation in the legs. It is generally associated with a slower aging process, which is why Vision 20 uses it for age-related vision decline. It also promotes better fertility in men and supports a healthy complexion.

Buy a bottle of Vision 20

With all of these benefits, consumers might be surprised to learn that there is no way to buy Vision 20 in stores. Instead of, the only opportunity is on the official website. Luckily, the company is running a promotion right now to make Vision 20 available to as many consumers as possible. Users can choose between three different packages, depending on how long they want to stock up on the supplement.

  • A bottle for $49
  • Three bottles for $117
  • Six bottles for $198

Regardless of the package purchased, users can enjoy free shipping on their order.

Frequently asked questions about Vision 20

Does Vision 20 work for everyone?

May be. This formula is designed to address ROS toxins, ensuring it will support better vision health. Every ingredient is backed by scientific evidence. However, not every person may get the desired benefits, which is why the company offers a six-month return policy.

Can Vision 20 replace medication or a prescription?

No. This formula is only meant to be a vision supplement. It cannot treat any type of disease. While it may improve the user’s vision, discontinuing any prescription is a discussion to be had with a doctor.

Can users stop wearing their glasses with Vision 20?

Again, this supplement will not replace any prescription, even that of glasses. Ingredients promote better eye strength, but always follow the advice of a doctor.

To contact Zenith Labs, email [email protected]


Vision 20 provides users with a way to improve their eye health. The formula comes straight from highly appreciated Zenith Laboratories, and it helps users better support their night vision and clarity at any distance. The use of antioxidants and other natural ingredients allows the user’s body to easily absorb the compounds for better support. Additionally, if they find that this remedy does not provide the improvements online, they can return the formula for a refund. It is intended for consumers of all ages, although it has many ingredients that specifically address age-related decline.

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