Trader Joe’s is slowly getting rid of senior shopping hours


A pandemic era policy is quietly being removed from Trader Joe’s locations. The grocery chain has confirmed it is eliminating “opening hours” at stores across the country.

“We continue to offer senior hours in areas where it is mandatory. Anyone needing special accommodation can always ask for help at their store,” Trader Joe spokesperson said, Kenya Friend-Daniel, to USA Today in an email.

Like many other grocery stores, Trader Joe’s has designated specific hours to allow people aged 60 and over – and other at-risk customers and customers with disabilities – to shop without crowds and limit their exposure to COVID-19. . The grocer set aside the first hour of his day for this purpose.

The “upper hours” occurred daily before being reduced to just two days a week, “with some variation,” USA Today reported.

A survey of Bay Area Locations show that senior hours have already been phased out at most, if not all, local sites. In contrast, a certain number of senior hours still exist two days a week in Southern California, including at its sites in Hollywood, Echo Park and Pasadena.

The discovery follows news that Trader Joe’s cut his “thank you” salary for hourly employees in half from $ 4 to $ 2. The grocer had increased the amount to $ 4 for a period of three months, before making the decision to revert to the original wage increase of an additional $ 2 per hour effective May 1.

The “thank you” pay was first instituted in 2020 after Trader Joe’s Union Coalition requested a risk premium and guaranteed wages in the event of store closings.

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