Snapchat is rolling out updates to its AR shopping feature

Snap is upping its game when it comes to augmented reality and e-commerce.

The Santa Monica-based social media giant has launched a series of updates to its Snapchat app’s AR shopping experience, including easier-to-use features for consumers and real-time analytics for brands. and retail partners, as reported Techcrunch and Advertising week.

Updates to Snapchat’s AR shopping lenses, which deploy AR technology to allow shoppers to virtually try on clothes, makeup, jewelry and accessories, will provide users with enhanced product information such as real-time pricing and item descriptions, as well as direct links to purchase items through the Lens Product Pages in the Shopping Tool.

The enhanced shopping experience also benefits brands and retailers, offering real-time analytics directly linked to companies’ product catalogs. Brands and retailers can now access instant data on which products resonate most with users, especially with Snapchat’s younger, online shopping-focused demographic. Brands can then develop ad targeting strategies and future products based on this data.

As TechCrunch reports, Snap has beta-tested its new AR Shopping Lens features with more than 30 brands, with Snapchat users “trying out” products more than 250 million times. The features seemed pretty well tested; Cosmetics brand Ulta Beauty brought in an additional $6 million in Snapchat purchases and 30 million virtual try-ons over a two-week period. Similarly, MAC Cosmetics reported 1.3 million trials and an increase in female purchases, brand awareness and purchase intent.

Snap has sought to make shopping an integral part of its app. Last year, Snapchat updated a feature that lets users “scan” an item, like a friend’s jacket, using their Snap Camera, which powers recommendations from hundreds of brands. Snap also updated its Lens Web Builder, which will allow brands to upload products to AR Shopping Lenses in minutes, according to the company.

“Augmented reality is changing the way we shop, play and learn, and transforming the way companies tell their stories and sell their products,” Jeremi Gorman, Snap’s chief commercial officer, told TechCrunch. Gorman added that the revamped AR shopping lenses will allow brands to better sense “which products resonate with Gen Z and millennial audiences.”

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