Pure Martini Bar is coming soon to the ground floor of Vantage — St. Pete Rising

The food menu will also include starters like Snapper Escovitch, described as crispy seared Gulf snapper with a sweet and spicy peppercorn sauce, and Shrimp Bagna Cauda with Crudites, an Italian dish featuring large sautéed shrimp topped with a sauce. with garlic anchovies called Bagna Caud.

Pure Martini will be housed in a sprawling 3,400 square foot space, which will allow for over 150 seats indoors and outdoors, at the bar and lounge. The lounge will have a stage featuring nightly entertainment such as DJs and performances by local artists.

The location is conveniently nestled between the Grand Central District and the EDGE District with Tropicana Field as a backdrop. Located in the midst of St. Pete’s growing nightlife scene, Ralph Williams hopes to stand out among the rest using his fifteen years of experience in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Williams was born and raised in St. Pete and has seen the evolution of downtown firsthand, especially the changes that have occurred in recent years. And with his work in nightclubs, restaurants and bars on the promotion and management side, he’s seen what works and what doesn’t.

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