Pre-Order a New Book by Founder of Milk Bar Pastry Chef Christina Tosi

Anyone who loves desserts will know the name Christina Tosi. The two-time James Beard Award-winning chef is also the founder of the sensational dessert shop Milk Bar, which she started in 2008 after her boss, chef Momofuku David Chang, encouraged her to open her own bakery. Its flagship location is in New York, but there are others in Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas, and more.

Now Tosi’s new book, Dessert can save the world: stories, secrets and recipes for a stubbornly joyful existence, is available for pre-order and will be released on March 8. Unlike other books she published, which were mostly Milk Bar cookbooks, this 240-page title is filled with stories of desserts and their ability to bring joy to a person’s life. . , whether you bake them or just eat them.

In the book, Tosi writes about being around strong female figures while cooking at home growing up, in tandem with anecdotes from her time in professional kitchens. The book also gives readers access to unique recipes and tips on how to create a joyful existence through their culinary creations.

Head over to Amazon to pre-order Dessert can save the world and get treats delivered to your door through the Milk Bar website. If you’re interested in more culinary memoirs, be sure to check out Stanley Tucci’s latest book and Anthony Bourdain’s posthumous travel guide.

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