Popular Galloway, NJ Bar Cancels Halloween Party for Good Reason

If you were planning on attending a Halloween party in JD’s Pub & Grill in Galloway, NJ, you’ll have to rethink your costume.

Some things are just more important than others, and that’s an undo that I fully support.

JD pub in Galloway ditches Halloween party plans this Saturday night in favor of a much more exciting event.

Ad/Facebook by JD

Ad/Facebook by JD

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Philadelphia Phillies made it their first World Series in 13 years!

Championship Series – San Diego Padres vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Game 5

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Game 2 against the Houston Astros is scheduled for Saturday, October 29and JD agrees with all Phillies fans that THIS has a higher priority around a Halloween party.

JD broke the news to spooky season lovers on its Facebook page on Monday, saying the pub plans to dedicate the night to all things Phillies.

The legend says, “GO PHILL! Due to the Phillies making the World Series after 13 long years, we are canceling our Halloween party so that we can focus solely on broadcasting the game. Weekend specials are pending!’

So show us all your Phillies gear and be a player or a fan! DON’T DARE come in costume with a Houston Astros jersey. Cursed!

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