Pasadena’s only gay bar is fighting for its life



PASADENA, CA – Like the rest of the country, COVID-19 has changed life in Pasadena. Many businesses in the city have closed for good or have struggled to stay afloat. Today, the city’s only gay bar is fighting for its survival after being closed for more than a year, according to a new report from the Los Angeles Times.

In almost 40 years of history, the Boulevard has never closed its doors – this changed in March 2020 when the coronavirus put life on hold. While restaurants and bars have adapted to the pandemic by offering take-out service for food and cocktails, the bar has remained calm.

The Boulevard did not offer food and was not equipped to offer take-out cocktails, according to the Times report. The bills started to pile up for the company.

Steve Terradot, the owner of the bar, told the newspaper that a PPP loan he received last year was long gone and he had to pay the bar bills with his unemployment checks.

Faced with an uncertain future for the bar, two regular customers came to Terradot with an idea: to launch a GoFundMe campaign.

At first he hesitated at the idea.

“My philosophy is that you go out and work and do things,” Terradot told The Times. “It was also embarrassing for a guy my age to be on unemployment.”

He eventually gave in, and Boulevard’s GoFundMe campaign was launched in April with the hopes of raising $ 50,000 to help pay for bar repairs and some renovations.

Just over $ 20,000 was raised by the campaign on Thursday morning.

“It is the last true refuge for the LGBTQ community within 20 miles of the Pasadena area and home to so many drag artists from across the country,” said Mark Lanza, campaign organizer, on the GoFundMe page. “This place means so much to many of us and has served the gay community and its allies for almost 40 years.”

Read the rest of the Los Angeles Times article on the Boulevard by visiting the newspaper’s website.

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