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Pasadena restaurants, which were allowed last week to offer alfresco dining when all other Los Angeles County restaurants could not, will be returning to the general public today and, like others in the county and now most of the rest of Soutland will be allowed to offer take-out and pick-up-only customers.

Pasadena, which has its own health department, could choose not to follow a county health ordinance banning outdoor dining following alarming spikes in infections, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19. But on Sunday, a new health order, issued by Governor Newsom, went into effect, overturning the city’s authority, and the city was forced to do the same.

“It is devastating to see the rapid increase in hospitalizations related to COVID-19, and our public health department is in constant contact with Huntington Hospital and other health facilities to monitor the situation,” the director said. municipal Steve Mermell.

“The governor’s order replaces the authority of the city and is based on the need for regional and statewide control to combat this pandemic,” Mermell said, according to a City News report. Service.

“We are sorry for the impact of the state health ordinance on our retail businesses, our personal care providers, our restaurants that can no longer eat al fresco, and all of us. But given the gravity of the situation, an approach of this magnitude seems necessary, ”said Mermell.

The state-mandated “regional stay at home” order comes into effect Sunday at 11:59 p.m., triggered when the availability of intensive care unit beds remained below 15% after Saturday’s daily update, according to the California Department of Public Health.

The question now is what will the city do if restaurateurs refuse to comply with Newsom’s order?

“They can have their health permits withdrawn, their business licenses revoked in addition to other drastic measures,” said the city’s public information official, Lisa Derderian.

“We haven’t discussed the repercussions yet, but enforcement teams will be on site and the public will usually alert us if they see any establishments breaking the rules, in which case we will respond accordingly,” Derderian said.

“We start with warnings and can escalate the response from there,” she said.

Pasadena will also have 20 percent limitations on all retail establishments. Under the state ordinance, all gatherings of more than one household are prohibited, sector operations will be closed except for critical infrastructure and retail, and face coverings and a Physical distancing will be required in all other operations, CNS reported.

Schools that have obtained exemptions will be allowed to continue operating, as will daycares. City officials are awaiting more specific guidance from the state regarding additional restrictions.

“We must do our part to avoid the predicted devastating scenario,” Dr Ying-Ying Goh, the city’s public health official, told CNS. “We should refrain from meeting with people outside our home whenever possible. We must work together to protect our family, our friends, our neighbors and our businesses ”,

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