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The pandemic order to close the dining rooms at Pasadena restaurant in March was swift and immediate. The reopening in June is anything but.

On Saturday afternoon, shortly after Los Angeles County lifted the ban on food services, the Pasadena Public Health Department issued guidelines for reopening restaurants, rules many restaurant owners have been calling for. since weeks.

“I think the city has been a bit slow to change because if the guidelines had been published sooner we would be on par with some of the surrounding counties like Orange County… San Bernardino County and Ventura County “said the restaurant’s former owner. became lawyer Robin Salzer.

But he praised the Economic Development and Technology Committee for speeding up the process of releasing the guidelines last weekend.

“I had been hoping that they would employ conservators to be part of this committee and this group and this discussion to put these guidelines in place because no one knows better than how to implement these things,” Salzer added. “When you tell a restaurant that it has to reduce its seats, 50%, 60%, it still has the same rent it has to pay when it tells it that it has to do it and that it has to do it. . that just to open up, I think they should be part of the discussion to help implement those plans.

One of the guidelines requires waiters to wear a plastic face shield in addition to a face shield if customers seated at tables are not wearing a face shield. Salzer called this requirement “onerous”.

The El Portal restaurant at 695 E. Green St. reopened on Saturday with around 60% seating for its dining area and patio.

“There is a specific area where the waiters are constantly coming to get the drinks, we have to clean it,” said Armando Ramirez, co-owner of El Portal. “We do our bathrooms every hour, so every hour we have someone come in and wipe the handles… just to make sure we’re following the code and everything.”

“I spoke with Pete Gallanis from Cameron’s house. It plans to open on Tuesday, ”Salzer said of the restaurant at 1978 E. Colorado Blvd. “They are all going to work very hard today to modernize their restaurants. “

Mexican restaurant Mijares on Palmetto Drive also plans to reopen on Tuesday, Salzer said, but the three Smith Brothers restaurants (Arroyo Chop House, Smitty’s Grill, Parkway Grill) are unlikely to open until next week.

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