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According to Pasadena Public Information Officer Lisa Derderian, the city followed suit with LA County leadership and ordered local bars to be closed immediately under an order issued by Governor Gavin Newsom on Sunday.

“Bars must close and remain closed until the city health officer allows them to resume their modified or full activities,” Derderian said.

Derderian said Monday morning that Pasadena’s health order had already been changed by Dr Ying-Ying Goh. Under the new command:

  • Bars must close and remain closed until the municipal health officer allows them to resume their modified or full activities.
  • Restaurants holding a public health permit may continue to offer sit-down and on-site meals prepared on site as permitted by the health worker order and in accordance with the revised restaurant protocol.
  • Bars are prohibited from contracting with a food vendor to operate.
  • Restaurant counters / bartops must close.
  • Restaurants and other food service establishments should continue to offer and encourage take-out and delivery services to consumers. [greatest] to the extent possible.

According to Newsom’s order, bars and nightclubs in Los Angeles, Fresno, Imperial, Kern, Kings, San Joaquin and Tulare counties must close in response to an increase in coronavirus cases that has increased hospitalizations.

As of Saturday, the city had reported more than 1,250 cases and nearly 90 deaths linked to the virus.

“The increase in numbers is a major concern, especially as we approach a holiday weekend where people tend to rally against the advice of health guidelines,” Derderian said. “There are a lot of things we take into consideration when evaluating phases or reopening, but health is definitely the number one priority.”

Newsom said the state was waging a battle to control the spread of the virus.

“Californians must remain vigilant against this virus,” Newsom said in a prepared statement. “COVID-19 is still circulating in California and parts of the state, getting stronger. That is why it is essential that we take this step to limit the spread of the virus in the counties that are experiencing the largest increases. “

Newsom’s order comes as the state grapples with an increase in coronavirus infections and an increase in hospitalizations after most areas reopened in the past month.

Sunday’s order marks the first time businesses have been ordered to close after being allowed to reopen earlier. Pasadena bars and nightclubs were allowed to reopen on June 19.

Newsom has recommended eight more counties to close their bars, although he has not ordered them to do so. These counties have been on the watch list for at least three days and include Santa Clara, Riverside and Sacramento.

As of Friday, the number of people hospitalized in LA County stood at 1,676, a number that has steadily increased over the past two weeks, surpassing the recent average of between 1,350 and 1,450. virus, the county had an average of about 1,900 hospital patients.

County health officials on Saturday announced 2,169 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 23 additional deaths.
The new figures bring the county’s total to 95,371 cases and 3,285 deaths.

The state’s positivity rate has exceeded 5%, while the number of people requiring hospitalization has increased by 29% over the past week.

The governor and state health officials allowed bars to open in California on June 12, but gave county health officials the leeway to keep them closed for as long as they deemed appropriate.

Pasadena reopened its bars on June 19. In accordance with state guidelines, patrons were required to maintain a social distance between patrons, eliminate seats at the bar counter, and turn down the volume of the music to avoid screaming, which expels droplets further and wear face masks.

This is a developing story. Pasadena Now will update it as more information becomes available.

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