New mall brings together more than 300 craft vendors under one roof


Buyers in the gift, arts, crafts, home decor and handmade creations market can now search for their latest acquisitions under one air-conditioned roof. Painted Tree Boutiques, which held its official opening on July 17, brings together more than 300 independent small business vendors in one place.

Painted Tree Boutiques is located at 6729 South Fry Road in a former Royal Palace building.

The types of sellers are varied, but they are all purveyors of unique, whimsical or artistic. The Cinco Ranch location is the third Painted Tree Shops location in the Houston area.

While customers appreciate the ease of buying unique finds all in one place, sellers benefit as well.

Painted Tree Boutiques takes care of everything for its sellers. According to supplier Painted Tree’s website, Painted Tree takes care of the hiring of cashiers, security, and staff. The cost of renting a booth includes utilities such as water, electricity and property insurance. Painted Tree even pays sales tax on items sold.

Painted Tree manager Marjorie Craig declined to comment or indicate the building’s square footage or the number of vendors. However, the vendor’s page lists 310 booths for rent, and county documents show the building to be over 40,000 square feet.

Painted Tree Boutiques Natasha and Chris Nash, owners of Saving Grace Designs, sell a range of customizable products with laser engraving, vinyl and sublimation. The pair personalizes everything from leather and cutting boards to tumblers. Natasha also makes custom earrings and hair bows.

The Nash also have booths in Sugar Land and Cypress Painted Tree locations, and their experience as sellers, Chris said, has been overwhelmingly positive.

“You don’t have to pay for things like utilities, and people shop at the cash register, so you don’t even have to be in the store,” Chris said.

The flexibility, Natasha added, allows them to operate three sites, which in turn generates more revenue. “We can go between the three locations, but we’re not tied to them all day like we would be with a booth anywhere else,” she said.

It also gives the Nash more time to devote to what they really love: creating unique, personalized products.

“We can just focus on what we love to do, which is creating and designing articles and delivering them on demand from the public,” Chris said.

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