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OK, let’s admit it: we’re jealous of a preschooler. Switching places with any young child would be fun (the naps! The snacks! The hours of playtime!), but if we could become 4-year-old Stormi Webster for a day, well, that would be the ultimate dream come true. reality. Stormi is the daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, and having a famous reality TV star and billionaire business owner for mom certainly has benefits beyond typical toddler standards. She gets lavish birthday parties, new toys at Target, and even a school bus! – and now she’s been able to do the coolest shopping at London’s iconic Harrods department store. The resulting TikTok is so adorable!

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“Me and baby stormi take Harrods 🖤,” the Kylie Cosmetics founder captioned a TikTok posted yesterday.


me and stormi baby take harrods 🖤

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The video features Kylie and Stormi in a car, and as they drive past a billboard, Kylie exclaims, “Kylie Skin—Stormi, it’s me!” Can you see it?” Then they stop at Harrods “to see Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin.”

“I brought my daughter to see it, I haven’t seen it either, so I’m really excited,” The Kardashians star continues in the video. “And I bring you guys with TikTok.” She wears a unique pink shirt with pink gloves sewn along her chest and stomach.

We get our first glimpse of Stormi inside the store, as Kylie spins her around. She wears jeans and a black tank top with her hair up in two buns. Stormi holds a small pink basket as she looks at the display with her mother, who puts two lip kits in the basket, “One for me and one for you,” she says.

At the end of the video, Stormi is treated to her own private shopping experience. “Look what Harrods did to get Stormi to go shopping!” Kylie says in the video. “Isn’t that the craziest?” Stormi is in a special section of the luxury department store, curated with items she would like. The lower basket is stocked with shoes – trainers, sandals, slippers and slippers, in a variety of top brands in its size. On the next two shelves are beautiful Christian Dior bags in a variety of prints.

Kylie continues to pan her camera to show the next rack. On this one, adorable clothes – again, one outfit from each, already chosen in their size – hang from the top rack. The middle basket contains tiny designer wallets and the bottom basket is filled with toys. LEGO Disney Princesses, Barbie cars, stuffed animals and more. Everything for Stormi to do her shopping in private in her little paradise! There’s even a mirror with pink frilly dresses hanging on it, and a little stool so she can try on the clothes and see what they look like.

“You are a spoiled, spoiled girl,” Kylie adds.

Yes she is! But also… is it pretty awesome? I want the experts at Harrods to pick out a personal collection of all my favorite things on a private shopping spree, please! The preschooler is living her best life, and we don’t blame her! We would be too if Kylie was our mother. After shopping, we did our nails, we walked the red carpet, then we took a luxurious bubble bath like Stormi.


nails with bestie 💅🏼

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The comments were a mix of people loving it and being extremely jealous (same).

Actress Christy Carlson Romano commented: “Awww. Loving Stormi and Ky’s adventures! 🥰” So do we! If we can’t have this life, at least we can dream, right?

So “Adorable 💕💕💕,” one person wrote. “Imagine being STORMI WEBSTER 🥲🥲,” said another.

“Harrods did WHAT omg😅,” someone else added. “Awww she looks so happy :),” one person said.

Some people felt a bit judged about the indulgence, “Meanwhile, we are struggling to eat….😅,” one person said.

Kylie received similar comments last week when she posted a photo on Instagram of her and Travis Scott’s private jets, writing, “Do you want to take mine or yours?” People were understandably upset about the impact on the environment, with comments like “girl, why am I recycling” and “But we’re the ones who have to use paper straws 😩.” Another wrote: “That’s why we have to tax the rich.

Let’s compromise. Kylie can work harder to take care of the environment, and people can stop hating a mother for spoiling her daughter. After all, we all love to pamper our children, even if we can’t do it to the same extent as Kylie.

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