Here is the city with the most stores per capita


You might think there is a Starbucks on just about every street corner you live.

But the reality may be different. Some cities have a lot more than others, especially when you factor in population for a snapshot of per capita numbers.

That’s what the folks at Apartment Guide did for their survey of the 10 Best Cities for Starbucks Lovers in America.

City # 1 is… Las Vegas, with one for every 5,133 people.

It’s not your first idea when it comes to coffee-obsessed cities, is it?

But the ranking is not surprising when you consider that the population of Vegas is growing with the thousands of visitors this tourism capital receives every day of the year.

As the survey notes, “The city with 24/7 entertainment and the brightest neon lights would need the most Starbucks per capita. Staying awake is the name of the game.

However, the other cities on the list that don’t get an influx of foreigners may actually be your best bet for Starbucks with the shortest queues. The cities of Washington State, home of Starbucks, dominate.

At # 2 is Burbank, with one café for every 5,242 residents of this southern California city. The numbers 3 and 4 on the list go to Bellevue, Washington and Seattle.

The place n ° 5 is occupied by another tourist pole: Orlando, Florida.

And # 6-10 are, in order: the cities of Everett, Vancouver, and Renton in Washington, followed by Portland, Oregon, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

The other California cities in the top 25 are Roseville (No. 13), Pasadena, Torrance and Costa Mesa (Nos. 14-16).

No Bay Area town appears until # 33 (Santa Rosa) and # 37 (Santa Clara), but this may be a factor in competition with the wealth of independent cafes in this area and the popularity of locals. like Peet’s and Philz.

Moreover, being a survey by the Apartment Guide, it naturally lists the average rents of the first 10 cities. The lowest one-bedroom apartment rent with the most Starbucks for its residents? Once again, Las Vegas wins. You can rent for $ 1,065 here.


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