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A restaurant near Pasadena City Hall wants to amplify live musical entertainment and add a dance floor, but a report from city staff has rejected the requests.

The Pasadena Department of Planning and Community Development has recommended that the conditional use permit and expressive use permit amendment requests that Eden Bar and Grill at 175 E. Holly Street currently hold be denied, allowing it to ” provide live entertainment to customers in collaboration with the catering service.

The recommendation will be taken up at a special meeting of the City’s hearing officer on Wednesday October 6 at 5:30 p.m.

Previously, Eden Bar and Grill had submitted a conditional use permit modification (MOD CUP) application for CUP # 1813, which was approved on February 22, 1988 and allowed the use of shows in addition to the use restaurant, provided that the musical instruments – a piano and either a violin, flute or guitar – are not amplified.

This time around, the company wants the City to allow live amplified indoor and outdoor entertainment, and increase the hours allowed for outdoor entertainment.

He also requested changes to the expressive use permit to allow for the addition of 290 square feet of performance and dance floor space. According to the Planning Department, these improvements would reclassify the business as a nightclub land use, which would require a new expressive use permit since the property is in CD-2 (central district, center civic – Midtown sub-district.

In recommending disapproval of the first change request, the Planning Department said the city, while supporting a variety of dining and entertainment uses in the specific central district plan, has been responsive to nightclubs. and similar uses, particularly when they are adjacent to residential uses.

“The staff position is that while some limited live entertainment (up to 75 square feet) in the form of a DJ or a live band should be allowed under the definition of“ Restaurants with live entertainment. direct limited, “the restaurant must remain the first and foremost a restaurant,” the ministry said in the hearing officer’s report. “Allowing live entertainment beyond this limited scope and allowing customers to dance could impact an incompatible business near residential uses, such as a nightclub. “

The department also included information from Pasadena Police Department records showing that a significant number of service calls related to Eden Bar and Grill operations were received between January 1, 2018 and September 22, 2021. Most of the calls were for “music disturbances,” as described in the report, including some that were in the period when state and city “Safer at Home” orders were in effect. due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Between 2008 and 2009, after the business was taken over by Eden Bar and Grill, the city’s code compliance division opened a total of nine code compliance cases for the restaurant related to noise complaints after the hours of operation, unauthorized amplified music, live entertainment, and consumption of hookah products, which are not permitted in Pasadena City, the report adds.

“It is the staff assessment that the conclusions necessary to approve the modification of CUP # 1813 and the expressive use permit to allow amplified performances both indoors and outdoors, to extend the hours of outdoor entertainment and for customers to dance, can not be done, ”the planning department said in the report. “Approval of the proposed applications would create noise and safety issues for surrounding residences. Consequently, the proposed project would be detrimental to public health, safety and general welfare and is not in accordance with the general plan.

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