Desert 5 Spot is Hollywood’s least showery new rooftop bar

Located in the same hotel as Ka’Teen, Desert 5 Spot desperately wants to be your laid-back, stylish nightlife destination the next time you feel like going out in Hollywood. (That’s assuming, of course, that you want to frequent the much-maligned area.) Cowboy-chic design inspired by Joshua Tree and Palm Springs and an indoor-outdoor layout identical to that of the Bar Lis siblings definitely put this bar on the map. surprisingly relaxed roof in the race. That being said, fierce competition in the area, including Mama Shelter on the next block and the more stuck-up, French Riviera-inspired twin bar, prevents it from permanently leading the pack.

However, for a milder evening, you may prefer Desert 5 Spot. The vaguely Western bar has a unique and oddly winning combination: jaw-dropping city views, live rock and country music, and the rare LA crowd that truly, unironically, likes to dress in the theme. Named after a Mojave wildflower, Tinseltown’s simulacrum of a country saloon has myriad charms, from a flashing pseudo-broken neon sign to the cactus-shaped cocktail glass that bears the Ring of Fire. based on mezcal. Weekly line-dancing classes on Wednesdays lure country fans on the slowest day of the week, while Desert 5 Spot’s still-quite-flashy aesthetic lures foreigners and more laid-back locals hoping to score points. drinks and a view without important problems. Downstairs, please the doorman who asks if you’re on the guest list in an artificial on-demand smoke and mirror show.

Once you get to the roof, there are good vibes from there. In the open-air interior of Desert 5 Spot, which practically resembles the Bar Lis setup, the house band performs nightly from around 10 p.m., turning the area in front of the stage into a small dance floor with a small overflow on the outdoor terrace. Before that, the bar’s vibe fakes a softer hangout than the upscale hoedown, thanks to plenty of open seating areas and tables inside and out. Heavy on tequila and mezcal, the bar’s specialty cocktails are colorful, pricey, and refreshing. The drinks’ whimsical names are inspired by country music greats like Johnny Cash (Ring of Fire, Walk the Line), Dolly Parton (Jolene, 9 to 5) and Charlie Daniels (The Devil Went Down to Georgia), and there’s even a giant cactus-shaped cooler full of margaritas for larger groups.

All things considered, Desert 5 Spot is a stylish addition to the small coterie of American West-themed bars in Los Angeles, and looks like a much classier, more grown-up version of the TikTok influencer’s favorite Saddle Ranch. , in West Hollywood. The slightly kitsch aura contributes to Desert 5 Spot’s appeal as a laid-back rooftop bar, and its overall accessibility contrasts sharply with its much more posh identical twin around the corner (both Bar Lis and Desert 5 Spot are managed by Ten Five Hospitality). In a roundabout way, the weekend crowd almost resembles Santa Monica’s Bungalow, indicating that this relatively new bar could be the next big singles watering hole in downtown LA. Keep in mind, however, there is no menu available, so plan accordingly; with a bit of luck or by booking in advance, you might be able to grab a few pre-game bites at Ka’Teen, just downstairs.

The atmosphere: An upscale, vaguely Western, casual rooftop bar with live music and a crowd that unironically likes to dress up in cowboy boots.

The food: None available, though destination-themed Ka’Teen on the ground floor of the hotel has some great Mexican small plates for those who can actually snag a table (it’s normally full) or a free seat at the bar.

The beverage: A light and well-curated cocktail menu that relies on tequila and mezcal, as well as a small selection of wines and beers. While the cactus-stemmed Ring of Fire, made with mezcal, chili liqueur and prickly pear, and the bright blue Walk the Line might grab your attention around the bar, the 9 to 5 made with cucumber, matcha and celery is a sleeper hit that you don’t want to miss.

Time out advice: Lean into the theme with a little western outfit that’s uniquely yours. Why not?

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