Controversial Pasadena Law Society Offers Expanded Offers Same Day of Hearing Officer’s Review of Efforts to Correct Past Complaints – Pasadena Now

The Pasadena Hearing Officer denied a number of requests for new offers by an Old Pasadena bar and restaurant he was examining on Wednesday for its background by taking steps to correct previous complaints from police and others city ​​services.

Der Wolfskopf Bar and Restaurant, 72 N. Fair Oaks Ave., submitted its application for the additional new offerings and service changes on the day of the public hearing by City Hearing Officer Paul Novak to consider more than three dozens of corrective elements he had previously commissioned the facility to fit out in order to retain its conditional use permit.

“We knew that this hearing was in March of this year,” said city hearings manager Paul Novak. “The plaintiff had all this time to submit any changes to staff, any terms they would like, and yet we didn’t see anything happen with the city until earlier in the day on the day of the hearing. This says a lot about the applicant’s efforts to make these changes.

Novak said it wasn’t fair that the public wasn’t properly informed about Der Wolfskopf’s proposed changes.

“But more importantly, if these had been received, two other things could have happened. One, the city could have reflected the requested changes in the notice that would have alerted people within 300 feet or whatever radius that the plaintiff is asking for changes to the conditions and we may have had a very different hearing this evening.

Novak then refused to allow the bar and restaurant Der Wolfskopf to extend its opening hours, collect entrance fees and show live Sunday football matches.

“All of these things that are requested and that I haven’t granted have the ability to create sonic impacts on the surroundings,” Novak said.

Novak did, however, approve the request to allow the rear exterior patio door to remain open while the patio is open for business and the request to allow the use of the exterior door serving the basement from the frontage of the avenue Fair Oaks for guest in/out when Basement Dining Room or Main Dining Room is reserved for private group dining.

The modified UPC provides that the rear exterior terrace must be closed at all times to minimize noise impacts and requires the use of the exterior door only when the basement dining room is reserved.

Between 2020 and 2021, the city received numerous complaints against Der Wolfskopf, resulting in inspections by the Pasadena Police Department and the Pasadena Code Compliance Division. These inspections revealed several violations of the approval conditions of the original CUP approved in 1992.

A city-initiated Hearing Officers Public Hearing was held in March. During this hearing, Novak adopted new and modified conditions in order to reduce the problems observed mainly related to noise, consumption of alcohol beyond approved opening hours and other unauthorized activities on site such as than karaoke and customer dancing in the basement which was not allowed. under the original UPC.

The amended CUP also required the City Hearing Officer to conduct a review six months and 12 months after the date of approval of the amended CUP to ensure operator compliance.

City staff found that Der Wolfskopf had complied with conditions of approval granted by the Novak in March, on the condition that the public address system and lighting on the rear outdoor patio be removed. As such, he recommended that the Hearing Officer acknowledge that the Approval Conditions have been met and require the Applicant to continue to meet the Approval Conditions.

Approval conditions established in March limited live shows to performing only on the raised stage on the first floor of the restaurant to reduce noise impacts.

“The commercial operator has removed evidence of live entertainment from the basement and outdoor patios,” case manager Alison Walker said.

Walker also pointed out that after reviewing Der Wolfskopf’s social media accounts, there were also no adverts of promoter-produced parties or performance events or events with cover charges. or minimum drink orders – all of which were specifically restricted under the amended terms.

According to Walker, since the March hearing, the Pasadena Police Department and Code Compliance Division have received no complaints or appeals against Der Wolfskopf.

According to City staff, Novak’s decision on Der Wolfskopf is final. Der Wolfskopf will return after six months for another review of its compliance with the amended CUP.

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