Cockroach nymphs shut down Alhambra karaoke bar and other health inspections in San Gabriel Valley, Whittier area – Pasadena Star News

The discovery of live nymph cockroaches in and around an Alhambra karaoke restaurant – including under the toaster – shut down the entertainment venue for several days in late June.

A Los Angeles County Public Health Department inspector attended K-100 Karaoke, 7 N. Third St., Alhambra, on June 26. In a report filed with the county, the inspector noted the finding:

  • Two living nymphs under a small toaster.
  • A live and two dead nymphs on a shelf of supplies in a storage corner.
  • A live nymph on a dirty aluminum foil shelf next to a two-compartment sink.
  • A living nymph inside a two-compartment sink.
  • A live nymph on the dishwashing sink drain.

Other health code violations noted in the report include storing raw eggs above mushrooms; the path to the sink for hand washing is blocked; two cans of Raid’s home variety; and debris on the counters.

The restaurant received a score of 76 and closed. After further inspection, it was allowed to reopen on June 29.

Facilities are listed with a number and a letter, much like school report cards. If a food facility is closed for an infestation of cockroaches, rodents, or flies, sewer problems, or for not having running water, the facility loses an additional seven points in addition to the four points deducted for major violations of health. Each time two major health hazards, such as unsafe food temperatures, are observed, the establishment loses an additional three points in its inspection score.

Restaurants and markets with suspended licenses must close until another inspection determines the issues have been resolved. Closures may occur during routine and owner-initiated inspections, complaint investigations and re-inspections.

Here are other food establishments that were temporarily closed between June 16 and June 29. Unless otherwise stated, ratings shown for properties were received on the same day they closed.

Yi Mei Deli

Location: 18414 Colima Road, Rowland Heights

Closing date: June 20

Reopening date: June 27

Reason for closing: Cockroach

Rating: 83

Shau ​​Mei

Location: 18438 Colima Road, Suite 1, Rowland Heights

Closing date: June 26

Reopening date: Still closed at time of publication

Reason for closing: Cockroach

Rating: 74

Remy’s Taiwanese cuisine

Location: 18219 E. Gale Ave., Suite B, City of Industry

Closing date: June 12

Reopening date: June 19

Reason for closing: Cockroach

Rating: 84

cowboy cafe

Location: 17823 Colima Road, City of Industry

Closing date: June 14

Reopening date: June 17

Reason for closing: No hot water

Rating: 82

El Taco Sabroso Grill & Pupuseria

Location: 11503 Carmenita Road, Santa Fe Springs

Closing date: June 19

Reopening date: June 21

Reason for closing: Cockroach

Rating: 80

S&W China Taste Inc.

Location: 18224 E. Gale Avenue, City of Industry

Closing date: June 10

Reopening date: June 13

Reason for closing: Cockroach

Rating: 75

LYL Garden

Location: 500 W. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park

Closing date: June 11

Reopening date: June 14

Reason for closing: Cockroach

Rating: 80

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