Best coffee shops in Los Angeles: where to grab a cup in LA


If coffee is black gold, then there has been a gold rush over the past 15 years, with specialty coffee powers descending on LA from all over the United States and beyond. Local coffee companies have also intensified, with some developing chains sourcing world-class coffee while others roast their own beans locally. In many cases, the Angelenos have benefited from it. Of course, the COVID-19 crisis has changed the way people interact with coffee shops, although marathon laptop sessions are back in fashion and regulars can once again drop by the bar to chat with their friends. favorite baristas, as long as they are masked.

Cafes hold a valuable place in communities, fostering connections, advancing local causes and championing local artists, in addition to keeping patrons caffeinated and full of freshly baked pastries and breakfast items. This is a scene that we missed a lot while we were in quarantine and working from home for much of this year and last, and we couldn’t be happier that our favorite cafes are back open. and ready to add variety to our remote work days. Be sure to tip your latte artist generously. Here are 31 of the best coffee options in LA right now.

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