America’s 50 Favorite Comic Book Stores


Comics and graphic novels can transport a reader to worlds of superhuman strength and stories of romance and fantasy. And in some cases, where evil even conquers good. Comic book stores across America serve as beacons for fans of these rare worlds and inclusive community gathering spaces.

To break it down among the best in the country, Hoodline analyzed the numbers to find the top 50 comic book stores in the country, using Yelp data and our own special sauce * to produce a data-driven breakdown of where comics reign supreme through the us

Signature with Brian Posehn. | Photo: Third Eye Comics / Yelp

Topping the list is Maryland’s Third Eye Comics, located at 209 Chinquapin Round Road, Suite 200, in Annapolis. With an impressive five stars out of 132 reviews on Yelp, the store made an impression with its wide selection of comics, toys, board games, magic cards and more. Third Eye Comics, which has expanded to include additional outposts in Lexington Park, Maryland, and Richmond, Virginia, also features an array of monthly events such as author signings, launch parties, and sales in. store. The store will also purchase your unwanted comics for cash or store credit.

Worried about missing the next issue of your favorite series? The store offers a free monthly subscription box service and will keep your copies at the store before they run out.

In second place is Austin’s Tribe Comics & Games with a solid 4.5 stars out of 89 reviews. Located in the South Lamar neighborhood at 3005 S. Lamar Blvd., Suite D-113, this 10-year-old graphic novel and game store specializes in comics, board games, role-playing games and figurines. . There are special events, regular sales, and a Tribe Ladies comic book group, which meets regularly for Dungeons and Dragons, among other table games.

Vault of Midnight Comic Books and Stuff. | Photo: Jason X./Yelp

Third place goes to Vault of Midnight Comic Books and Stuff in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which has 4.5 stars out of 102 reviews. Located downtown at 219 S Main St., this place features merchandise, book of the month clubs, reviews and purchases, game nights, author autographs and more. If you can’t make it to Ann Arbor, the store also has shopping in Grand Rapids and Detroit.

When it comes to the popularity of comics across the country, Yelp data shows that businesses tagged with the “comic book” category are largely clustered around urban subways on the east and west coasts, with Texas being the Illinois, Florida, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. also see a notable number of retailers focused on graphic novels.

As for relative popularity across the country, measured by average ratings for a given category, Yelp data indicates the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin might not be home to the biggest gang fans. drawn, comparatively.

When it comes to the prevalence of comic book businesses, state by state, New Hampshire has the highest ratio of comic book stores to all other categories, Maine, Indiana, Delaware and Massachusetts being the finalists. So, New Hampshire should be your first stop if you want to choose from a variety of comic book options.

Want to know where to find the best selection of comics the country has to offer? Here is the recap of the 50 American Comic Book Stores To Bring Down Your To-Do List:

  1. Third Eye Comics (Annapolis, Maryland)

  2. Tribe Comics & Games (Austin, Texas)

  3. Vault of Midnight Comic Books and Stuff (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

  4. Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy (Austin, Texas)

  5. Comic Book Factory (Pasadena, CA)

  6. Packrat Comics (Hilliard, Ohio)

  7. Toons N ‘Toys comics (Tustin, CA)

  8. Carol & John’s Comic Shop (Cleveland, Ohio)

  9. Austin Books & Comics (Austin, Texas)

  10. Tate’s Comics (Lauderhill, Florida)

  11. Source Comics & Games (Roseville, Minnesota)

  12. Capes Kafé (Des Moines, Iowa)

  13. Legend Comics & Coffee (Omaha, Nebraska)

  14. Bedrock City Comic Company (Houston, TX)

  15. Quimby Bookstore (Chicago, Illinois)

  16. Chemshaw 13 DonutZ & Comics (Crown Point, Indiana)

  17. Drawn to the comics (Glendale, Arizona)

  18. McKay Books (Nashville, Tennessee)

  19. Crazy Games and Comics (Plano, Texas)

  20. Vault of Midnight Comic Books and Stuff (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

  21. Chicago Comics (Chicago, Illinois)

  22. Ad Astra Books & Coffee House (Salina, Kansas)

  23. The Comic Bug (Manhattan Beach, CA)

  24. The Outer Limits (Waltham, Massachusetts)

  25. Brave New Worlds (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

  26. Mission: Comics & Art (San Francisco, California)

  27. Comic Strip University (Indianapolis, Indiana)

  28. Comic Carnival (Indianapolis, Indiana)

  29. Kapow Comics (Sherwood, Arkansas)

  30. The Laughing Ogre (Columbus, Ohio)

  31. Heroes aren’t hard to find (Charlotte, NC)

  32. Local Heroes (Norfolk, Virginia)

  33. Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

  34. Comics2Games (Florence, Kentucky)

  35. Enchanted Lands (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

  36. BSI Comics (Metairie, Louisiana)

  37. Comics in Alternate Reality (Las Vegas, Nevada)

  38. Titan Games & Comics (Smyrna, Georgia)

  39. Emerald City (Clearwater, FL)

  40. Comicazi (Somerville, Massachusetts)

  41. Marching Band (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

  42. Underground Adventures (Richland, Washington)

  43. Forbidden Planet (New York, New York)

  44. First Aid Comics (Chicago, Illinois)

  45. The Million Year Picnic (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

  46. MaximuM Comics (Las Vegas, Nevada)

  47. It’s entertainment (Worcester, Massachusetts)

  48. Time Warp Comics & Maps (Boulder, Colorado)

  49. House of Secrets (Burbank, CA)

  50. Mysterious Time Machine (New York City, New York)

* In determining the “best” businesses, Hoodline took into account the company’s Yelp rating and the importance of that rating proportional to the number of reviews, as well as regional variations, to ensure that states with a stronger review model do not have an unfair advantage over states which tend to rate companies less frequently.

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