A Day of Shopping, Dining, and Gambling in Coronado

Like most small towns, Main Street is the main artery of business and social activity, and Coronado is no exception.

Coronado Island, as it is called, is located in San Diego Bay and is a peninsula connected to Imperial Beach by the Silver Strand.

As you enter Coronado, the town is surrounded by San Diego Bay to the north and the ocean to the south (Coronado is a south-facing beach).

The main street is Orange Avenue which runs through town, and along Orange Avenue are shops, restaurants and even a movie theater to check out.

Coronado is a magical place, to visit or to experience. It was such a magical place that L. Frank Baum composed the idea of ​​the Emerald City while staying at the historic Hotel del Coronado.

Known for one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Coronado is as family-friendly a place as anywhere in the United States.

People choose to hop on their bikes or golf carts and cruise between shopping, gambling and dining. Every week during the summer months, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, you can see half the town dancing in Spreckels Park on Sunday nights to live music.

This list is designed to show you where to shop, eat, and play while you’re in Coronado.

The Coronado Ferry Pier

Located on 1st Street, the Coronado Ferry Landing supports the only active ferry operating in San Diego. At the port is a shopping center with all kinds of sweets, trinkets and restaurants.

You can dine at Il Fornaio, a classy Italian restaurant, or Peohe’s for a more peaceful style.

Choose from Village Pizzeria or Lil Piggy’s BBQ for more family fare.

Some boutiques line the rows of stores along Ferry Landing, providing tourists and locals with cool gear, items, and merchandise.

The ferry landing also hosts many events, parties, and mini-concerts throughout the year, such as the annual Bay Beer, a fundraiser for various non-profit organizations.

There are so many shops and restaurants along the ferry landing that you could spend an entire day there and not see any other part of Coronado.

Downtown Coronado

From 8th Street to Ocean Boulevard is the central shopping district of Coronado, known as Downtown Coronado or simply Orange Ave. Shops include a movie theatre, the Root 75 florist, and a boutique solely focused on olive oils.

A little further down is the only surf shop in town, Emerald City, La Mer – a women’s shop, Seaside Papery, and more.

In fact, there are so many places to shop in Coronado that many locals just don’t leave “the island,” as they like to call it. Sometimes, however, there are items that local stores in town don’t carry. For example, finding the best plus-size clothing store can be difficult in Coronado, so people may drive to other parts of San Diego to find these products.

In town, they can shop at Vons, Smart & Final or Boney’s, which specialize in organic and sustainably sourced foods. Locals can also get everything they need, from cell phones to discounted cologne, books and more.

Depending on your shopping needs, you can get most of what you need along the six blocks of Orange Ave, from 8th Street to Ocean Boulevard.

Restaurants around Coronado

As a tourist destination, there are tons of restaurants all over town. Some are designated as gourmet, others quick fresh and all unique to what they offer in town.

On the bay side of town, there are the restaurants at Coronado Ferry Landing, Tartine – a European-style bistro, and Nicky Rottens Burgers on First, and the Coronado Brewing Company near 2nd Street.

In the middle of town is Burger Lounge, which offers sandwiches, Clayton’s Diner, Mexican Take-Out, Poke 123, the Brigantine, Stake steakhouse and Tavern.

In the Hotel del Coronado there are a few different restaurants and eateries for guests and diners.

Coronado is a magical place to live, play and shop.

You can hit the beach and then hit the town, wander around and grab a quick bite while browsing everything from clothes to watches, gifts for the kids, to the only wine shop and bar with its sommelier. in the city.

You can spend the day relaxing by the water for just a few hours and then shopping for anything from touristy stuff to everyday items.

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