27 black-owned cafes in Los Angeles, by neighborhood

In a city full of amazing cafes, LA’s black-owned cafes stand out from the rest for a few distinct reasons. In addition to brewing high-quality java, many of them explicitly focus on the black community and the black community in Los Angeles. Some serve as local art galleries and event spaces, and others regularly partner with local and international nonprofits to give back more. Others are simpler operations dedicated to brewing your daily cup of coffee, including one that even doubles as an excellent downtown LA delivery service.

If you’re looking for a way to consistently support black-owned businesses, look no further than this neighborhood-specific coffee guide. Whether you’re looking for a coffee shop around the corner or looking for a cozy new place to spend a relaxed Sunday morning, this comprehensive guide has you covered from the far reaches of the Valley to Long Beach. If you want to find the exact area of ​​Los Angeles you live in, command-F for the following areas:

  • South LA
  • Downtown
  • Downtown LA
  • Downtown
  • Western coast
  • San Gabriel Valley
  • Northeast
  • San Fernando Valley
  • long beach

Already know or love and support a black-owned coffee shop in LA County that isn’t on this list? Email us at [email protected].

Editor’s note: While ‘coffee’ might be in the name, we’ve excluded Watts Coffee House and Little Red Hen Coffee Shop in Altadena, two excellent, long-running black-owned establishments with extensive menus and service-oriented hospitality. full that aren’t as grab-and-go-friendly as a standard cafe.

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