15 best Los Angeles bars you should drink in 2021



LA bars are still making a comeback after a year of turmoil for the drink scene – which was hit particularly hard in 2020 – but many of the best of them are reopening, or have already reopened, in some form or another. They provide comfort in the form of cocktails and world-class bartenders that make us feel right at home in this glorious ‘third space’, and right now it feels like thirst has never been so real. for comfort or satisfying drinks. which works well as there is no shortage of excellent drinks across LA There are comfortable dives near the beach, happy hours with views of Hollywood skyscrapers, and expensive but delicious concoctions at the fanciest hotels downtown, but here are the 15 best bars in Los Angeles — for every occasion.

Summer 2021: While most of our favorite bars are back, a number of the best places in town are, sadly, still temporarily closed, especially many of our previous picks in downtown LA.All of the bars listed here are open in one form or another, and they’re all worth a visit (or a drink to go). It’s also worth mentioning that some bars in Los Angeles now require proof of vaccination to enter. At the start of August none of the points on this list were, but it might be good to have digital proof in case things change.


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